The Longest Trial so far

Dear friends and followers,

It has been a while since I last posted and wanted to drop you a quick update. These past few months has been one of the longest trials for myself personally and for Sir and I.

We are nearing 9mths since Sir’s accident back in September 2020 and still waiting on an operation that will hopefully save Sir’s leg after all and a full knee replacement. However, this in itself has come with yet more delays, last minute cancellations of His scheduled surgery and a lot of pain and frustration. We cling to the hope that all goes according to plan this coming week and that We are indeed ‘3rd time lucky’ so as the next phase can begin towards Sir’s recovery and rehabilitation.

How on earth have We coped?

How have I kept going and not given up?

What keeps Us going?

All three questions have very similar answers; We keep the hope alive. The hope keeps Us going, even in the darkest days when the pain is agony for Sir and there is nothing I can do for Him other than be there for Him, for myself and Us and be myself.

It has been tempting to wallow in self pity on occasion or let negative feelings take over but in truth, what would that have achieved? How can I be there to help and support Sir if I’m not strong myself? Don’t get me wrong, I have weaker days and have shared them with Sir and it’s okay to not be ok at times! Sometimes we need to allow ourselves time to let our feelings, pain and frustrations out. To admit when I’m struggling or feeling pretty helpless has been a big deal for me, especially of late whilst Sir was staying with me and We faced each day together. It served as a reminder that We are in this together. That We are supporting each other and that We are indeed a partnership.

Part of being a submissive is that of loyalty and a duty of care. Which I have in bounds. However, the same is also true of a Dominant. They too have a duty of care and loyalty to their submissive. Nothing between a Dominant and submissive can be true Dom/sub without the mutual respect, love, trust, care and loyalty. So always remember, by being truthful and brutally honest to your innermost thoughts and feelings and sharing them with your Dominant, you are being true to yourself and that, my friends and followers, is key to being free. Freedom to be yourself.

Good times or bad times. Happy or sad times. Clear or confused times to name but a few. Whatever we are going through is perfectly natural and human. What we choose to do with our state of mind and where we choose to let it take us is up to us. Fight or flight?

You will be glad to hear that I choose to fight because I strongly believe that Sir and I can endure the journey ahead. Whatever hurdles may come Our way. We have weathered storms before and likely will again but I truly believe in Us and that, to me, is so worth fighting for.

A man gets knocked down 7 times but stands up 8 times. That is strength.

Be brave enough to always be yourself. Be strong enough to embrace your innerself and be free.

With hope and love,

pixie xxxx

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