I am pixie and I am humbly Sir’s submissive

I am pixie and I am humbly Sir’s submissive.

I am also a housewife and mother of 2 children. Sir and I, however, do not live together as He is in another country yet I am His submissive 24/7 and gladly so.

Just recently I have qualified in something new and opened up my own business from home which most definitely requires a lot of patience, perseverance and effort. However, from personal experiences both within the vanilla world and within the Dominant/submissive (D/s) lifestyle.

To me, being a submissive is not something I have taken on lightly nor blindly. I spent many many months reading, researching, probing, asking questions, speaking to people about their experiences and their knowledge of the world I was considering stepping into. My submission has been one of a personal journey filled with ups and downs, pleasure and pain, hopes and dreams and lots of patience, which has been an interesting learning curve for me as I am not blessed with the patience of a saint like my Sir. One of the most important things I learned very quickly is that no two D/s relationships are the same, nor would they be considering We are all individuals in a versatile world. How many relationships do you know that are identical to another?

Within every relationship there has to be trust and an openness. In whichever lifestyle you see yourself, there must be trust!

One of the biggest keys to why Sir and I work as Sir and submissive, is that the depth of trust and respect is immeasurable. Neither of Us expects the other to stop being true to themselves, nor would We advise anyone else who is considering going into a D/s dynamic. Remaining true to Yourself is one of the keys to surviving the storms and trust me, there will be storms, as you take the journey into the unknown. A journey that for me, was one of self discovery, re-renewal and an amazing adventure full of exciting unknowns and pleasure aplenty through my  submission and servitude to Sir and one that has only just begun on a whole new level.