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Sub drop

This is something that is often mentioned yet not so clearly defined or explained. Sub drop:“The temporary depression and/or chemical dis-balance experienced by submissive/masochists after intense BDSM play. This can be short lived or can be a delayed reaction, and/or can last as long as a week… If You are the Dominant or Top in… Continue reading Sub drop

The First Dance

As many of you know, it has been almost a year since Sir’s major operation on His leg and the healing process is slow but steady. Walking without aides is one of Sir’s major aims as well as getting mobility in the leg. Seeing Sir has been more difficult of late with longer periods between… Continue reading The First Dance

Keep Calm and Carry On

These past few months have seemed to go by slower than usual as I have found adjusting to Sir’s absence once more a bit of a struggle. Thankfully We don’t have the same distance between Us as a year ago, but We are not having the same amount of quality time as We would both… Continue reading Keep Calm and Carry On

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