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The First Dance

As many of you know, it has been almost a year since Sir’s major operation on His leg and the healing process is slow but steady. Walking without aides is one of Sir’s major aims as well as getting mobility in the leg.

Seeing Sir has been more difficult of late with longer periods between sessions due to covid striking my household, so Our most recent one was long overdue and very much needed on both Our parts.

So … We were simply chilling and enjoying music and drinks together and the next think I know, Sir stands for what I thought was to stretch His leg… Then a certain track came on and Sir instructed me to stand and He took me in His arms, put His crutch aside and We danced!! 😱As fast as you can blink, I buried my face in Sir’s chest as the tears flowed. Of all the things to set me off, it’s a track that is particularly close to my heart and Sir is dancing with me again, the first time since His leg injury. I was a complete wreck and Sir’s shirt was soaked!!

Sir insisted I look at Him as He spoke and I couldn’t stop the tears. They were like a flood of emotions and there was no holding back. These were no sad tears by any means! Not only has Sir been working on His own recovery and pushing through the pain (He has a stupidly high pain threshold!) but He had been quietly, unbeknownst to me, getting to this point. If this doesn’t show the bond between Us and the importance of Our emotions, nothing ever will!!

To be with Sir and have Our sessions is always amazing and never taken for granted but this latest one takes both the icing and cherries on the cake!! It hadn’t even crossed my mind that if Sir could take a few steps unaided that He could dance! I hadn’t even thought it was possible for some time yet so it was a total sideswipe and I was again reminded just how much We mean to each other and how amazing my Sir is.

Blubbering wreck and buckling knees, I was the one being held up and it’s not me with the bad leg!! What an awesome surprise and one that I will never forget and no doubt always associate that song with from now on 😍

Again, I thank You Sir… for simply being You and for such a wonderful surprise! xxxxxx

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