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Keep Calm and Carry On

These past few months have seemed to go by slower than usual as I have found adjusting to Sir’s absence once more a bit of a struggle. Thankfully We don’t have the same distance between Us as a year ago, but We are not having the same amount of quality time as We would both like. However, this was also to be expected… Living apart will always have it’s struggles and strains. It’s how We choose to face them and get through them that counts.

There are times where I am quiet and contemplative. Other times I am not. There are times when I need to rant and vent, express the frustrations or worries and concerns. Whatever it is my head might be struggling with. The important thing I have discovered is to not just be open and vocal when I’m struggling. Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly are all part and parcel of any good D/s relationship.

Sharing with each other day to day, whenever possible keeps Our connection open, stable and strong. We can have short or long conversations, talk about Our days or more in-depth chats. Whatever We share, We are sharing and connecting with each other. Over time, We have learnt to tell how the other is feeling, merely by the tone of voice or the intonation within the conversation. I can honestly say, I haven’t known anyone else whom I could do this with so freely before Sir.

The days where contact is severely limited are often the hardest. I often feel unsettled or “off kilter” as I tend to put it. Not because I am unsure of my position in Sir’s life or my submission, but because I don’t know how He is doing or I am unable to share something with Him. Wondering how Sir is feeling or coping, whether He is in more pain than normal or unwell etc. all things that bounce around my head whilst I wait to hear from Him.

However, each new day comes with its own challenges and the opportunity to make something of it for oneself so keeping busy with the day to day, be that work or parenting, housework or tasks for Sir. Whatever it is I am doing, I always hold fast to the knowledge that I am Sir’s pixie, Owned, loved, respected and cherished and He is my Sir. I am free to be myself. It is with this knowledge and freedom that I endeavour to keep calm and carry on. In the good days and the tough days.

Being Sir’s pixie is an honour and a privilege and I am humbly grateful for the love and acceptance and the opportunity to share each day and each challenge together, however far apart. Thank you Sir xxxxxxxxx

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