Let me introduce pixie

My given name is pixie and I am very happy to be known as Sir’s pixie.

‘A given name?’ I hear you ask …

My Sir is an experienced Dominant and very wise and gifted in many ways. Giving a submissive a ‘new name’ that denotes to either an attribute or personality trait is more common than even realised at the time. It is a way of connecting on a personal level, like a nickname or pet name if you will. His choice in name for me was very fitting as I am only short and small in stature, being only 5’3″. Especially compared to His glorious 6’2″ frame. Not to mention I like fairies and pixies, such as the well known infamous Tinkerbell which many of us may well know from our childhood stories.

We had been in a Dominant/submissive relationship for some months before I was named ‘pixie’, Sir and I agreed upon His Ownership of me and in January 2018, He Collared me and made the happiest pixie on the planet 🙂

However, I was not Collared because I was Owned. Nor is a Collar a submissives ‘right’ or an expectation. As a submissive, I had to earn both respectfully, and with my loyalty, respect and servitude came mutual respect and commitment from my Sir.

I will go into more detail about submission, servitude, duty, commitment and the way it works in my every day life through posts and updates on here as regularly as I can.

I hope that you will enjoy reading of my journey and evolution from submissive to a Collared submissive and hopefully see the power that a submissive holds within a Dominant/submissive relationship. Afterall, a Dominant cannot be Dominant without a willing and obedient submissive

Stay safe, stay well and most of all stay true to yourself


For the purposes of this blog, I would like to add a quick note that I am merely sharing from my own understanding and experiences as Tao’s pixie

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