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Long Distance Relationship

I have mentioned in previous posts that at present Sir and I have what is known as a Long Distance Relationship, LDR for short. However, how can I be a submissive 24/7 and serve Him whilst apart?

In my every day life, I maintain certain standards and rituals that have not changed since Sir moved away. Like my daily contact with Sir, my personal hygiene standards have not wavered, my first and last thoughts are always of Sir and throughout the day We maintain contact as best We can via phone or messages but most importantly in Our mental and emotional connection.

Even though Sir is not physically present, I am aware of His presence, His status and position in my life and I remain loyal and committed to Him and my service as His submissive. My Collar serves as a tactile reminder of Our mutual commitment and that of my servitude, be that during the day when Sir’s pendant is on my simple chain or when I change to wearing the velvet Collar, which is closer around my neck and heightens my awareness and mindset to that of serving Sir. Usually whenever We are online together and early doors when I am waiting to hear from Sir or on another site chatting with fellow swingers and D/s couples.

Our Collar

The Collar is an outward reminder to those who see it that I am very much Sir’s pixie. I wear it with honour and it is a physical symbol of Our bond as Dominant/submissive. Some people may question my wearing it, some have little or no understanding of D/s and I endeavour to answer their questions to the best of my ability from my own perspective. I cannot say what having a Collar means to every submissive you might come across, but for me, it is as poignant and meaningful as a wedding band. We are committed to making Our relationship work and grow, as We continue along the path laid before Us. However rough or smooth it may be.

One of the most prominent things I have learnt in the months since Sir moved abroad, is that however much I may miss Him and express as much to Sir, I am not alone. We have different ways of expressing things and coping. Sometimes, I am what could be termed as ‘needy’ and intense, other times I am not so much. Usually, when I am needy it is when I’ve begun my unfortunate bad habit of over-thinking and getting myself in a state over things that I have no control over, nor can I do anything about. Like the current state of affairs with lockdown preventing my visiting Sir and my head starts doing somersaults, driving me stir crazy in the process. Which happened just recently actually! To the point Sir and I had a long in-depth conversation about how We feel, how We cope differently, how to change perspectives or perhaps try different things so as I cope better.

The effects of my being wound up and basically ranting at Sir, were made abundantly clear and took me back to a mindset of servitude as oppose to ‘just submissive’.

Even in Sir’s absence, I am to behave in a manner that honours Him, I am, after all a reflection of Sir and my service to Him. If I am struggling, We both do. If One of Us is happy, We both are. Over the years, Sir and I have become a strong grounded couple who have weathered many a storm and this is because We got through everything together.

We have never lived together either, so an LDR is not that far removed from how We were when Sir wasn’t in another country. However, being so far away does bite! There isn’t that opportunity of snippets of time or regular evenings together. We don’t get to be in each others company and put the world to rights or have music on in the background as We enjoy an evening of rum and debauchery.

What We do have however, is Our love, commitment, trust, loyalty, and We journey together.

Sir may not physically here, but He remains very much a part of me, and I Him, and there will come a time when I can be in His arms again.

Distance is merely an obstacle.

Patience, commitment, trust and focus upon the journey gets me through, a day at a time.

3 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship

  1. Do you think if Sir lived round the corner from yourself and not miles away. That you would be living together or with having kids put a stop to that till they leave home ?


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