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I often use the term ‘Humbly Sir’s submissive’, but what do I mean?

Humility is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself. It also means not drawing attention to yourself, and it can mean acknowledging that you are not always right.”

This particular definition is how I see my service and submission to Sir.

Not one of low self esteem or being below or beneath another in status like some other definitions suggest, but one where I acknowledge pleasing Sir and putting His needs before my own are what makes my service so much more pleasurable. As Sir’s pleasure is also my pleasure.

As a submissive, one of the key roles is to ensure the needs and wants of your Dominant are met and put before your own. This is not to say that we are any less deserving and that our needs and wants don’t count, far from it! With anyone’s submission, should come respect and appreciation of the very fact we have chosen to submit to the Dominant in our lives. After all, a submissive chooses who is deserving of their submission and servitude. Just as I chose to give myself to my Sir and He chose to take Ownership of me.

Unfortunately, there are many people who assume that because someone is a submissive that it then gives them a right to demand certain things or for their instructions to be followed and carried out. This is most definitely NOT the case! As I said above, a submissive chooses who has earnt the right to their service and submission. A submissive has a lot more power and strength than many realise. After all, who makes the decisions to trust or not, submit or not, to obey instruction or not, to serve or not? Submission and serving my Sir are a choice I am so glad i made, and to have chosen the Sir I have been blessed with, is one of the best decisions i made in my life.

Serving someone as a submissive is not for the feint of heart either. It is most definitely not an easy road! There are many challenges, obstacles, and experiences, both good and bad, along with ups and downs, adventures and new found freedoms. But under the right guidance and mutual respect, love, consideration and care, a beautiful dynamic can be nurtured into something quite outstanding and able to withstand many a storm.

Under the guidance and protection of my Sir, I have grown into the submissive I am today and I continue to learn more and evolve as time goes on. I am humbly Sir’s pixie, and will be forever grateful for all Sir has enabled me to learn, see and experience and for helping me find the strength within myself to make a decision for myself that has forever changed my life.

Sir’s pixie

I am not an overly out going person by nature. On the contrary, I am more an introvert who enjoys her privacy and time alone with Sir. I consciously have a limited number of trusted friends whom I can share my joy at being Sir’s submissive with. So writing a blog is quite a step for me, as I am opening myself to all sorts of opinions, questions, different critiques and I accept that I may not always get it right.

However, I am secure in the knowledge that as I write, I can humbly say that what I do share with you all is true to myself and my Sir from my own personal perspective. Through a variety of subjects, scenarios, lessons learned, experiences and dreams, be it positive or negative.

Every D/s relationship is different, much the same as any ‘vanilla’ relationship.

However there are many similarities in the protocols and ‘expectations’ as a submissive when within the lifestyle and community. I do not claim to know all about D/s or being a submissive. How to be a submissive or what it is that makes someone a submissive. I can only write from what I know of myself and my own experiences along my journey, so please bear this in mind when adding comments or asking questions.

Please, feel free to share your opinions, experiences, ideas, or ask questions in the comments section below the post or on the ‘contact me’ page.

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