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Finally, We have hit what I like to term the ‘single figures countdown’ !! 😁

Only a matter of days before I am on my way to visit Sir

9 days to go 😛

The days have dragged on, the months have been looooong and We are finally able to get some much needed time together.

#serve&perve time

For months Sir and I have shared ideas and images and as the days grow closer to being able to put some of those ideas and images into action, the anticipation is building and the desires and wants are palpable… sleep becomes more restless, the dreams more vivid and the knowledge that in just a few days time We can put everything aside and fulfil them and be service to Sir, spurs me on.

We battle through the time apart on a regular basis as it is, due to being in separate countries, but having had Covid-19 disrupt plans more than once and lock down ensuring Our separation was longer than usual … I am sure you can imagine the frustration!!

Not only is it a matter of days until I am with Sir, but they will be some of the longer days as they usually are when Sir and I have planned time together. My head has virtually packed what I intend to take with me already. I am watching the news feeds and press releases both here and for France like a hawk. Keeping everything crossed that things finally remain in Our favour so that I can still travel and We can get Our long overdue time.

The reunion is going to be awesome!!

To be Sir’s pixie, 24/7 from a distance is very different to being of service in person.

I can please and serve Sir in a wider variety of ways.

I can serve Sir with my body.

I can be of service in body as well as mind and soul.

We can enjoy each others company in person.

We can shut off from the world and enjoy each other.

We can take pleasure from each other.

We can be free to express all those innermost desires

We can remind, reignite and recharge.

Sir and pixie

#Rum, fun and debauchery 😈

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