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Summer Nights

For all the upheaval that Covid-19 has caused, the frustration is palpable!

Not only are the summer holidays upon us, but there’s the added family commitments that mean even though travel is now possible, I am still unable to get out to France and spend time with Sir!

Communications are still limited due to the current circumstances, which in itself is a daily test. Some days are easier than others, but they are all seemingly long and then nights drag on forever.

I’ve found myself pining for Sir both day and night. Daydreams are more abundant and the dreams at night are far more vivid. Absence is definitely making sure there’s a stronger pixie at the end of all this!!

We were finally able to make bookings for a trip over to see Sir for a few days!! Wahooooooooo! This in itself has proven a test of patience and resolve …. its been 7mths already and god knows We are both wanting to get some quality time together and make up for lost time!! Everything crossed that there are no more set backs and that We can go ahead with Our long overdue time away from the madness and chaos of the world around Us.

The days are not only long, but they are much quieter than I thought they would be considering I have the children at home. However, with most lock down restrictions still pretty much upon us, they seem content to occupy themselves whilst I potter around keeping house and prepping meals for the evening etc. Seems to be a never ending cycle of cleaning up and making sure they all remember to put things away where they found it ! Kids eh?!

On a regular basis, I find myself in a world of my own, where my mind daydreams, I’m singing a song that relates to how I am feeling or what I am thinking about it and invariably it is Sir and I in a bubble of Our own. Sir is never from my thoughts and the time apart reassures Us both of Our commitment to each other and reinforces Us.

Covid-19 may have stopped Us being together on more than one occasion, but it certainly hasn’t stopped the bond between Sir and I nor weakened it.

Sure, I have bad days and days where I am needy or feeling less secure but that’s only part of being human and every long distance relationship would struggle during such torrid times. However, the one thing that has kept me going though this whole ordeal … the knowledge that all things pass. Our summer nights will happen, Sir and I will get time together and the wait will most definitely be worth it in the end. After all, think of the fun and pleasure on Our reunion 😉

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