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absence noun

the state of being away from a place or person

Nothing quite defines absence like my current situation, where I am away from Sir and have been for some months due to the pandemic and additional hurdles such as the school summer holidays and the inability to visit, even though lock down has been released enough to travel.

In absentia adverb

while the person involved is not present

During this time of separation from Sir, in absentia certainly fits within my daily life.

Many of my routines, rituals and daily tasks/chores are in absentia. Completed even whilst Sir is not physically present, yet always with Sir in mind.

There are times when I feel Sir’s presence more prominently and it serves as a reminder of Our bond as Dominant/submissive and there are days where I feel more painfully Sir’s absence and miss having time with Him and being able to serve Him. However, with this in mind, my focus remains the same. To enjoy life, to be true to myself, to serve with honesty, loyalty, commitment and consistency. To realise that being who I am is actually more than enough. It is after all, why Sir chose to be my Dominant and chose me as His submissive.

Doing all I do every day, whilst still ensuring I honour both myself and Sir. The fact that I maintain rituals of my own choice. I maintain myself in a way that I know that is pleasing to Sir and also brings a certain level of closeness each day.

There are times when I feel low and sometimes even lonely, but once I focus upon who and what I am, what I have and how far I have come. What makes me who I am and how it makes me happier as a person, being Sir’s pixie allows me to blossom and grow into a happier, healthier person with so much more to give and a willingness and longing to be able to see Sir as soon as possible.

If there is one thing that this horrendous lock down has taught me, it is that simply by being myself is more than enough!

I am strong. I am focused. I am committed. I am patient. I endure and most of all, I am me!

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