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Communication part 2

Further to my previous ‘Communication’ post and how it should remain open and honest, this also leads in to how we communicate to our Dominant about all areas of the dynamic.

Such things as limits or boundaries, likes and dislikes, no-go areas even. All need to be discussed openly without judgement or reprimand.

You should never feel pushed into doing anything you are uncomfortable with or do not want to do.

Everything you do with you Dominant should be consensual and enjoyable. Whether there is mutual satisfaction and gratification or not

You should enjoy being your Dominant’s prize possession and giving what He requires of you.

You should know that what is asked of you is going to bring pleasure and perhaps even a challenge. However, it is not going to be forced upon you should you feel unable or unsure.

You should be able to ask your Dominant questions about anything

You should know that your opinion does matter and is important

You should always be able to say no at any given point, with good reason and explanation

You can share your inner most thoughts, desires, wants even fantasies with your Dominants

You can voice your opinions and fears without reprisal

You are after all, your own person and it is your decision as to whom you give yourself to and how much you choose to submit control.

For me, I chose to give myself completely to my Sir and I am His submissive 24/7, even though We live apart which is often hard. However, We maintain communication and honesty at all times. After all, how does Sir know how I am doing or coping, or not, if I am not totally honest?

Who does it hurt in the long run?

I must be true to myself and own my thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, as much as Sir does the same. To maintain a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) D/s relationship, communication and a variety of forms of contact are vital for Us.

Sir and I use skype, messenger apps, emails, phone calls and a community website on occasion but most of all, We make sure that We are available to each other as much as is possible within Our daily lives and the demands on Us of late.

How you choose to communicate, is entirely up to you.

If you find words come easier to write them down, perhaps emails where you can express in a flow of words might be easier. Or even messenger apps if you prefer a more immediate response.

A word of caution though if I may, from my own experience, be careful not to overload your Dominant. Your Dominant will get back to you as and when times allows.

So another lesson to discover is patience … of which, I am still a student !!

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