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A day in the life of

As my learning and understanding about the significance and importance of rituals grew, I began to discover ways to incorporate some rituals into my daily life.

Wake between 0330-0430

Head downstairs and dress in Full Collar

Send ‘Good morning Sir’ messages to Sir’s phone

Make coffee

Wait for Sir to message, call or meet online for a morning chat (read news / blog / reflect)

Make more coffee

Prepare for children downstairs 0700 (Re-dress if necessary)

Settle them with breakfast whilst husband gets to work

Make more coffee

Grab a shower and shave all areas as is mine and Sir’s preference

Dress according to the weather and any plans ahead

Day of motherhood, parenting, teaching (Due to Covid-19 lockdown) begins

Daily cleaning bathroom and kitchen

Check-in with children on school work and take a coffee break with them

Time to myself for an hour or so, to read / reflect / journal / blog

Lunch with the family

Afternoons are more fluid of late with everyone at home,

Begin dinner preparation 1630-1730 to eat 1800-1830

Snuggle time with the children before they head to bed between 1930-2030

Head to bed around 2100 and message Sir goodnight

**Throughout the day I can take calls from Sir as and when He is able. We endeavour to speak a couple times a day to check-in on each other.

Which parts are rituals and why?

‘Good morning Sir’ messages are a way of my showing Sir I am awake and He is my first thought of a morning, not to mention the content shows Sir His submissive.

Wearing my Full Collar, a velvet choker that I move Sir’s pendant across on to, gives me a grounding for the day ahead.

It serves as a reminder of my belonging to Sir and with it fitting so closely around my neck, reinforces the closeness of the bond I have with Sir. This is later moved back across to a chain (a day collar) for discretion around my children and yet still very much connected to my Sir.

Waiting for Sir to reply early doors, so as We can have a catch up and an opportunity to talk freely whilst the rest of my family are sleeping, serves as a time to reflect and daydream. It helps to start the day right knowing how We are both doing and very much on each others’ minds. It is also an opportunity to let each other know of any plans during the day, so as We are aware when We are each available.

There are days where We miss the early doors chat and it leaves me feeling off balance until I hear from Sir. This is sometimes unsettling, but Sir is always in touch as soon as possible.

Shower and shave all areas, even in Sir’s absence.

This one I can hear many ask why, when Sir lives away?

Cleanliness is important to me, as is personal hygiene and being clean shaven is a preference of Sir’s and mine. It keeps me mindful of my part in Sir’s life as His submissive. Even in Our separation, I am still His and very much available to Him, even if it cannot be physically together. There are still ways that I can show my readiness and willingness to do Sir’s bidding. This being one of them.

It also brings some enjoyment, during what are sometimes very long days, as during that period of time in the shower I am very much aware of the preparation and physical contact required, so I often daydream of Sir’s presence.

Keeping my Journal and blogging are two ways in which I express my thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, dreams, fears, worries, musings and new found understandings. Especially as it is not always possible to have long conversations with Sir, however much We would wish to.

Both allow me the opportunity to put down whatever is in my head and in effect brain storm, consider, reminisce and sometimes even vent. With the freedom to express myself in whatever way I feel is needed at the time.

However, this is not done on a daily basis, this is more for when I have the need to let things out or new understandings have come to light and I want to record what I have learned or discovered.

My journal is personal, raw, emotional and predominantly private, but Sir will read parts should I ask Him to. My blog however, is as you see it. More public yet raw and true to myself and my service to Sir.

Messaging Sir goodnight is also another way of establishing contact before the day is done.

Not only does it sometimes open an opportunity for a quick catch up after a busy day but it allows me to remind Sir that He is very much on my mind as I settle down for the night and vice versa.

So not only is Sir my first thought of the day, but also my last thought before I sleep and dream of He and I.

** calls throughout the day are more fluid as they depend on Sir’s plans and busy schedule. If, however, I miss a call from Sir it leaves me feeling out of sorts until I next hear from Him as the time We have to chat is so limited. Missing calls from Sir is very very rarely without good cause and unfortunately, with the family all home due to the Covid-19 lockdown and the children needing me for whatever reason, or I’ve left my phone one silent which I kick myself for, occasionally I do miss a call. Thankfully, Sir is both fair and understanding so We catch up again as soon as We possibly can.

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