The definition of Servitude:

‘a right by which something (such as a piece of land) owned by one person is subject to a specified use or enjoyment by another’

With Sir’s Ownership of me, comes my servitude, submission and loyalty, solely to Him.

With my commitment to Sir as His submissive, comes my submission and servitude. When I am with Sir, I am in servitude to Him. I am expected to be totally compliant, vulnerable and to be used in whatever way Sir wants/needs, irrespective of my wants/needs… However, with such servitude there is the utmost trust that Sir would never intentionally harm or force me to do something I was unable or unwilling to do.

My head sees abuse as something that is forced upon someone without their consent and understanding.

However, punishments do occur for indiscretions and wrongful behaviour but they would not be given in anger! There have been times where punishment has been required as a way to rectify a wrong or as a way to emphasise the end of a situation. Once Sir has given the punishment He has deemed fit, the issue is no more and We start over.

There have been times where I have had no idea as to Sir’s plans or ideas for the time We are together. However, I accept that it is Sir’s decision to share them beforehand or not. I hold out hopes and dreams always, but I would never assume to know what scene or physical activity/position Sir has in mind. Nor do I see Sir just taking for Himself as abuse… As the definition of servitude stated… Sir Owns me, so I am His to do with as He sees fit.

My submission is done so with love, absolute trust and total acceptance that I am in Sir’s hands, under His guidance and protection and Sir controls the situations… Sir will have what He wants! However, it is always consensual, from the moment I gave my submission to Sir and the rewards are always fun too xx

Half the beauty of Our journey, is finding Our way and facing hurdles together and within my servitude I am placing the responsibility firmly in Sir’s hands… As I do with my submission.

Having realised how long this post is, it also shows me how far I have come as a person so far – one who has an inner strength to not shy away anymore, one who allows herself to love and be loved and to give, selflessly from the heart and soul as well as in body. Also someone who is happier than I’ve ever been. However scary or hard the road has been and will be, I know that together, We can face and overcome them. I communicate more freely and embraced my inner-submissive, I have wants and needs and not afraid or ashamed to share them with Sir and the pleasure and joy along the way, far outweighs the negatives. Most of all, I am confident that this is who I am and who I want to be… pixie, Sir’s lover and submissive are all different facets/modes/parts of me and it is my privilege to share every side of me with Sir like I see the many sides of Sir – embracing and loving every part and learning more about each other, warts and all. Dark and light. Angry and calm. Happy and sad. Through ups and downs, good and bad times and ultimately to love, live and enjoy the journey We are both on, together xxxxxx

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