What is the difference between a want and a need?

I have inner desires (wants) and needs that all equate to someone with a submissive nature/heart. Defining ‘needs’ here as things I can’t live without.


Security – physical, emotional and mental

Comfort – in a relationship – stable, trusting, honesty, openness and security in loyalty

Love – support and concern, encouragement and help to better oneself, to love unconditionally and to be loved.

Communication – to be able to bear my soul and be naturally myself, not always defensive or hidden areas

Respect – being accepted as a person in my own right and my opinions being welcomed and appreciated

Freedom – to be who I am and embrace, without judgement

Cherished – to feel special and worthy

Giving – to give someone all that I am, to the best of my ability and to please and fulfil them also

Pleasure – to have someone take pride and pleasure in me and for who I am, to please/fulfil another whilst taking pleasure for myself at the same time.


Overcome fears – to face what worries or scares me

Learn/challenge – physically, emotionally and mentally. To grow and improve who I am

Fun – to push boundaries and explore the opportunities abounding

The list will vary from person to person as we are all individuals and there is no hard and fast ‘This is the only way’ when it comes to being a submissive.

I write and share what I do, from my own perspective and personal experiences.

I would like you to challenge yourselves to take the time to consider your wants and needs. What do you crave, what can you not live without? Are your wants and needs being fulfilled?

One thing i urge you to remember. You should never be afraid to share your wants and desires with your Dominant. You are their prize possession after all and it is their role to ensure that all wants and needs of their submissive are met, as it is the submissives to meet those of their Dominant

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