Music Therapy

These have been some of the longest days, weeks and months of my journey so far!
Would you believe it is only 2 months since disaster struck and Sir’s leg was so badly broken?
For me, it feels so much longer!!

There have been so many ups and downs. Mixed emotions a lot of the time, with smiles and tears along the way mixed up with good news and bad.
Feelings of helplessness, frustration and even anger at the sheer reality of there being nothing I can do to physically help Sir at this moment in time. There have even been tears shed out of the blue, which turned out to be more anger and later acceptance of the fact there is nothing I can do, beyond being myself and available to Sir on the phone or online for a chat, sometimes a catch up, others to share time and moments.

Days when the darkness seems to be set in and my mood is low. Be it from lack of contact with Sir or purely a case of having woken in a bad place or having a bad day at home. There seems to be one other thing that helps when I cannot seem to shake it and Sir is unavailable and that is music.
I find myself flicking through playlists that Sir and I have compiled over the years and seemingly they relate to certain moods and moments in time. Certain playlists help to calm, others express the rage and frustration. Some are mellow and relax the ever present mixed emotions and thoughts flying round my head. Sometimes it helps to just stop, sit still and listen. Let the music flow over me and let them be the expression when words perhaps fail me.
It’s not always a playlist either. Sometimes, a song strikes a chord and i put it on repeat until whatever I am thinking or feeling has been released or expressed.
The way songs resonate, be it the melody or the lyrics, is something that I find myself embracing more of and the freedom found once my mind clears and accepts whatever the situation or scenario is, is almost certainly therapeutic.

If this is something you don’t usually do, might I encourage you to give it a go?
Take the time to stop, listen and immerse yourself in the music, switch off to the world around you and listen to your innermost self.
It really is therapy for the soul.

I am going to log off for now and put on ‘Sideways’ by Santana, loudly!
For Sir with love, Your pixie xxx

One thought on “Music Therapy

  1. I do that exactly! I actually made a list that we would listen to during/around sex or kinky scenes all the time. Then when I had times where I was in a bad place from a fight or something I would listen to the music, and get the flood of emotions usually reserved for kinky scenes. It became a total trigger. Come to think of it, I should pull that list out again. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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