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My submission

From my personal perspective as Sir’s submissive.

Submission is about being confident and trusting enough within myself, my sexuality and my partner, to give control over to Him. A longing, a need, a want, a desire and a yearning within my mind, heart, body and soul. However, a submissive remains in control as we decide who to submit to, where our limits are, when to safe word, whether to follow instructions or not.

My submission is done so with love, absolute trust and total acceptance that I am in Sir’s hands. Under His guidance, protection, care, instructions and control of situations. His pleasure is my pleasure and also my focus. Sir takes pleasure from my submission, servitude, willingness and ability to please Him.

Consenting to submit empowers me to leave behind burdens of decision making, shuts out the world for a period of time where I am free to be myself and let go and firmly places me into Sir’s hands. I am His responsibility, under His love, protection and care.

Sir has rules, expectations, boundaries, standards, rewards and punishments. I give my obedience, loyalty, trust, openness, service and willingness with the full knowledge that there is a mutual acceptance, respect, love and honesty between Us. It is both give and take, pleasure and pain as agreed upon in Our Contract. A signed agreement between Sir and I upon my Collaring.

I am willing to learn and push boundaries for my personal growth and Our mutual pleasure.

I trust Sir implicitly and know that I am totally safe in His hands.

I am always brutally honest and open with Sir, even when I am not with Him.

I follow Sir’s guidance and instructions to the best of my ability.

I let myself take pleasure as well as give in my service to Sir

I accept that it is challenging at times yet all experiences can be learnt from.

I enjoy being Sir’s submissive and His is an amazing Sir, firm but fair when required.

For the betterment of myself and for Sir’s pleasure and enjoyment

Most importantly,

In my submission I am home, I am safe, I am whole, I am loved, I am worthy and I am Sir’s.

I am who I am, I am enough and I am His!

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